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Dwayne Bowe Not Expected To Miss Regular Season Games

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The Kansas City Chiefs have yet to see Dwayne Bowe at training camp and no one with the team is talking about his absence. Those outside the team, however, are doing plenty of talking. We obviously want Bowe in camp and ready for the 2012 season. I've explained my reasons why I think it's in his best interest to sign sooner rather than later.

I don't know if he'll ever show up at camp, like he told me he would a few months back, but it doesn't sound like he'll be missing any regular season games. Jim Trotter of reports that there is "virtually no chance" that Bowe misses regular season games, or regular season game checks which are over $500,000.

Trotter talked about this with Danny Parkins on 610 Sports this week as well. Here's that audio.

I never really thought he would miss regular season games. I'm not speaking from someplace in-the-know on this, but just figured that skipping regular season games would A.) cost him money and B.) strain his relationship with the Chiefs.

Maybe Adam Schefter's prediction that Bowe shows up in early September ends up being right.

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