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KC Chiefs Will Have Roster Moves Coming

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The Kansas City Chiefs will likely be making a roster move or two in the coming days. Head coach Romeo Crennel had a few updates during his Tuesday press conference and it sounds like the Chiefs will be looking at a few available players.

The Chiefs have an open roster spot due to the retirement of offensive tackle Tony Ugoh. Donald Stephenson seems to be the most likely to win that swing tackle job considering he was a third round pick in April but he's competing with David Mims and possibly a free agent if the Chiefs decide to add one. They will be working out free agent offensive tackles.

Crennel also said fullback Taylor Gentry, who had yet to practice with the team, can not pass a physical and will no longer be part of the team. We're not sure what the injury was in the first place. Gentry was an undrafted free agent from North Carolina State. For now, Shane Bannon is the lone fullback on the roster but I'm wondering if Peyton Hillis can fill that role as well. Keep an eye on this position.

Here's a look at the best available free agents on offense. The tackle position looks like slim pickings right now.

(FYI: @PCBearcat is a great Twitter follow during camp. Ross Martin, St. Joe News-Press, is out at camp every day.)