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Chiefs Training Camp: Dontari Poe Interview

via Joel Thorman
via Joel Thorman
Kansas City Chiefs rookie nose tackle Dontari Poe spoke to the media after Sunday's training camp practice. I didn't catch the whole thing but I Fescoe'd my way in there at the end.

[Definition of Fescoe'd: Somehow saddling your way front and center of every interview with a Chiefs player. The guy hustles.]

I transcribed the portion of the interview I heard and posted it below.
Q: Is it just Romeo coaching you or does [defensive line coach] Anthony Pleasant chime in as well?

Poe: "It's all of them. Trust me. Caoch Pleasant, just because he's specifically defensive line, but when coach Crennel comes to look at me, he gets on me."

Q: How much does it help that coach Pleasant has played for Romeo Crennel in the same system you're playing?

Poe: "A lot because he knows what to do, what's expected of coach Crennel. He gives us a lot of tidbits and small things."

Q: You seem to be staying humble here. Is that a big part of your mentality coming into training camp, to stay humble and stay working hard?

Poe: Pretty much staying myself. Kinda figured I'd be humble all my life so why change now? I'm just staying how I am.

Q: How much have you grown since that first rookie minicamp?

Poe: "A lot because there's a lot to learn. You grow smaller day by day, it's not going to be big leaps as you grow but as long as you get better each day, improving, that's all you can ask for."

Q: Away from the field, what do you like to do?

Poe: "In training camp, I like laying down. In general, I like video games, stuff like that. I like talking to my family on the phone, my mom. Other than that, I'm not doing too many strange things."

Q: You a big [Memphis] Grizzlies fan?

Poe: "Yeah, very big."

Q: Is it tough to be away from Memphis?

Poe: "Not really because I've been there so long. I love Memphis, love it to death, but it's nice to get away."

(Update: Looks like the Chiefs have the whole thing on video. Check it out here.)

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