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Romeo's Old Pal Gets A Job

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You've heard the name Erhardt-Perkins, haven't you? Surely you have. Todd Haley's offensive philosophy was linked to Erhardt-Perkins and the men behind the names, Ron Erhardt and Ray Perkins, have been linked to a few names you might know -- Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick and one Romeo Crennel.

The (other) AP reported Perkins' hiring as head coach to a little Juco school in Mississippi and the story includes a quote from Crennel, who first met Perkins back in 1980.

"We talked about football, but we also talked about life," Crennel said. "At the end of the meeting, he told me he didn't have a job, but was impressed and would keep me in mind for the future. A year later, he hired me with the Giants. He wasn't afraid to go with a hunch or a good feeling."

(Anyone else think of this picture when a young Romeo is mentioned?)

Read the entire story from the (other) AP. Perkins, a great NFL mind and former head coach of the New York Giants and Alabama Crimson Tide, is the head coach at Jones County Junior College.