Training Camp Observations- Sunday 7/29

Hey there Chiefs fans. Longtime AP member, first time poster. I took some notes from today's first full practice in pads, and let me tell you the heat was no joke today. Some interesting tidbits from practice and updates on the ACL crew after the jump.

1. Jamaal Charles, Eric Berry, and Tony Moeaki participated in practice. Seemed like the chiefs staff took it a bit easier on Charles and Moeaki when in came to contact drills.

2. Jeff Allen will surpass Lilja sooner rather than later. -Lilja seemed to struggle today during drills, Allen was beasting dudes the few times I saw him in drills. I see why some pundants mentioned him possibly starting right away.

3. Eric Berry looked amazing. He broke up a long pass down the sideline when it appeared the WR had a yard on him. His closing speed is incredible. He was also fully out during contact drills with the 1's.

4. Peyton Hillis ran with the 1's today and had some real good runs in scrimmage. One would have gone for 25+ .I have heard some questions about his motor, I would say he will be just fine. He was destroying some blocking bags today. Speed and Bleed are going to be quite the tandem this year.

5. Stanzi was the best quarterback on the field today. Crisper passes, better accuracy. I want to see him with the 1's.

6. Stanford Routt may take some time to get adjusted to the flow of our defense. He gave up a few passes today. Flowers looked good.

7. Poe looked good during OL-DL drills, his legs look like tree stumps. He had a few real good penetrations in drills(thats what she said?). TJax was AWESOME today, great motor, great mean streak. Dorsey was NOT awesome, looked slow and lethargic, and was getting beat up by the OL 2's. Maybe Jeff Allen?

8. Dropped balls was a BIG problem today with chiefs receivers, though a few of the balls were inaccurate(Cassel)

9. I like Dex in the slot, problem is.. I really liked Wylie in the slot after today.

10. Arenas had a good pick off Cassel in scrimmage. I really think this Defense is going to be special this year. Houston made it look like the last 5 weeks last year were not a fluke. He was impressive.

Most of the players looked miserable in the heat today but the tempo was pretty good all day and the intensity of our coaches did not waver especially Daboll(was cracking up when he was cussing out Cyrus Gray). If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I will be going up on Tues night as well.

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