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First Injury Of Chiefs Training Camp 'Doesn't Look Good'

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We had our first injury of Kansas City Chiefs training camp yesterday when safety Kyle McCarthy went down during team drills. I didn't see exactly what happened but I did see him clutching his knee, being helped up by trainers and not putting any weight on his leg. He was then carted off the field.

Non contact injuries are usually not a good thing and it doesn't appear this one is either. Per Josh Looney, Crennel said the injury "doesn't look good".

Why that worries me is the last time Crennel said that a player's injury "doesn't look good" was Martin Rucker, who is now out for the year.

We'll wait for the details on this one -- I'm not even gonna say the injury we're all thinking of right now -- but tough break for McCarthy if he's out for a while.