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Chiefs Training Camp: Pads, Finally

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Today is when the real practice starts. Kansas City Chiefs training camp will kick off for day three this afternoon and for the first time the Chiefs will be in pads. They've been practicing in shells -- helmets and shorts -- for the past two days but this afternoon will be the first they're in pads.

Well, all of them will be in pads...except Branden Albert.

Albert was absent with a family issue on the first day of camp, meaning he needs another day in camp before qualifying for pads.

I knew about this rule but didn't realize Albert would be affected by it.

Here's what the CBA says about it: "No contact shall be permitted and no pads shall be worn during the second and third days of Preseason Training Camp." They're counting move-in day as day one, so days two and three are padless and day four you can wear pads. Albert, by missing that first day, is a day behind everyone else.

He'll be the first person spending practice on the bikes.

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