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Alabama Football Adds A Former Chief To Coaching Staff

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Tim Castille became when the lockout ended, almost a year ago to the day (July 25, 2011). I haven't heard much from the Kansas City Chiefs fullback but it appears as if his playing career is over.

Castille, who originally joined the Chiefs in the middle of the 2009 season, joined Nick Saban's coaching staff at Alabama as a graduate assistant coach.

Castillie joined the Chiefs in November 2009 and became a free agent last July when the lockout was lifted. He was recovering from an injury and didn't re-sign with the Chiefs, or anyone else.

Castille is an Alabama alum, along with his father and brother, Simeon. Another Castille is currently playing on the team as well.

So the Castille family is to Alabama what the Thorman family is to blogging, right?

Except we don't have any national championships :(