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Chiefs' Romeo Crennel On The ACL Crew, Dwayne Bowe And Training Camp Schedule

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We have our first Kansas City Chiefs training camp update from Romeo Crennel. The Chiefs head coach spoke to reporters after today's walk-through -- I heard his press conference on 810 WHB -- and he touched on all the big issues, including the health of the ACL crew, the status of Dwayne Bowe (a non-update), the players missing today's practice and the camp schedule for the rest of the weekend.

The highlights:
  • The ACL crew passed physicals and are ready to go
  • Dwayne Bowe is not here and he's not talking about it
  • Practices today and tomorrow will be non-contact
Here's the rest of your update from Romeo:
On the ACL crew: "Our injured guys, I know that's all the big question with all those guys, they all passed the physical and they will be working with all of them in practice - Tony, Eric and Jamaal. We might have to manage them a little bit if they get irritated in their joint where they had their surgery but they should be good to go. They're excited, ready and want to go. Those things are good for us."

Two players missing today: "Branden Albert has a family issue he's dealing with. He will be here as soon as he can get here. Jacques Reevez, similar situation, he has a family issue he's dealing with. He will be here as soon as he can get here. I've excused them to take care of their family situation they're dealing with. Both guys are conscientious but they haveh to take care of their business and they'll be here when they can.

On Dwayne Bowe: "He is not here. The only thing I can tell you is that he's not here. I'm only working with the guys who are here so I know nothing about the situation. I have not spoken with him or anything like that."

On all the draft picks being signed: "All the young guys were in and ready to go the first day. Maybe that's because of the new CBA and the slotting of the young guys but ti's always good to have all your draft choices in, eager to work and a chance to get better."

On today's schedule: "We lifted a little bit. Had some meetings and then we went outside for our walk through and then this afternoon we'll have our practice."

On the schedule this weekend: "The first two days, helmets and shells. Basically, we're in shorts. But we can have it be up tempo. The walk through is a walk through, truly a walk through with no helmets. This afternoon when we're in helmets and shells, we'll be able to pick up the tempo but just no contact."