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KC Chiefs Training Camp 2012 Day 1 Open Thread

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The Kansas City Chiefs kick off their first practice of their 2012 training camp in St. Joseph, MO, this afternoon. Official practice start time is 3:20 pm Arrowhead time. You can view the complete training camp schedule here.

The temperature at Missouri Western State University, where the Chiefs practice, is nearing 90 degrees. Dwyane Bowe is not there. But Joel is and he'll be tweeting updates from camp. I've embedded the @ArrowheadPride Twitter feed after the jump so you can follow along.

Make sure you also check out our handy guide for who to follow for KC Chiefs training camp information.

If you're at camp, let us know. The rest of us, follow along with Joel, after the jump.

Joel will be back later with more updates on practice. Stay tuned.