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It's Official: No Dwayne Bowe At Chiefs Training Camp

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Several reporters are out at Kansas City Chiefs training camp this morning for the first walk through of camp and, as Kent Babb of the KC Star reports, Dwayne Bowe is not in attendance, which means he has officially missed the start of training camp.

We kinda figured this was coming based on what we've heard in recent days. Bowe told me in an interview this summer that he would be at camp. Perhaps this is a matter of semantics and he shows up in a week -- he'd still technically be attending camp -- but it has left me a little confused.

I've already explained why I think it's in Bowe's best interests to sign right now. Obviously, he (or his reps) disagree.

I do wish he would come out and publicly explain what's going on. When you leave it up to the fans to figure out for themselves, past history clearly shows they're going to pick the team over the player. Fans who don't know or care to know the nuances of Bowe's situation are only going to see a guy sitting out of camp while the rest of his teammates are there.

I'm just not sure what skipping camp accomplishes.

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