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Travis Daniels Could Play A Few Positions

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Travis Daniels has been a cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs over the last three seasons but he held down a spot at safety during the offseason program. I didn't think a whole lot of it at the time because Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis weren't participating at the time but it sounds like Daniels may remain at safety.

Daniels says he hasn't talked with the Chiefs about where he'll play but he's "assuming that it'll be the same road as it was in OTAs," according to comments distributed by the Chiefs. He says he looks forward to "probably moving around the secondary."

Fine by me. As they say, the more you can do.

"The NFL is a not-for-long type of business," Daniels said, "so the way that you can maximize all your types of opportunities is being able to play multiple positions."

Daniels has been an interesting player in Kansas City. When he arrived back in 2009, I thought he was a fairly typical journeyman but he's been able to stick on what is now a seven-year NFL career.