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Google Fiber Knows How To Market To Kansas Citians

<a href="">Google Fiber</a>
Google Fiber

You didn't think I could work a post about Google Fiber onto a Chiefs blog, did you?

Well, you're wrong. Here I am.

Google Fiber is coming to the Kansas City area and they made a bunch of announcements about it today. As a commenter said earlier today, those of us in the flyover state are finally on the cutting edge of technology. Even Chris, "Mr East Coast", is a little jealous of us here in KC.

I hopped over to the Google Fiber website to check out the details and noticed the advertisement they use. It's Chiefs-related, which is how I came to posting about Google Fiber on this Chiefs blog. Nice game to pick, too.

(H/T To whoever pointed this out to me, I can't remember.)

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