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Here's Why Dwayne Bowe Should Sign Now

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Our old pal Nick Wright made a few good points on Twitter today as it relates to Dwayne Bowe's contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. He starts with the fact that Bowe will be making the same amount of money whether he signs today or in the first week of September, so he should wait it out until after training camp. Nick argues that from Bowe's perspective it makes sense to avoid camp and show up before the regular season.

I don't agree with that. I think it's in Bowe's best interest to sign now. (I'm also a Chiefs fan so perhaps that's clouding my judgment, which I'm willing to admit.)

He should sign now because it's in his best longterm interest to have the best possible season in 2012 and, in my opinion, that comes by participating fully in training camp. If he shows up in the first week of September, it's more likely he starts the season slow or sees his role lessened early on, especially considering he has spent zero minutes in Brian Daboll's offense this year.

If you think training camp doesn't help him for the regular season then, yeah, I see the argument to hold out all of camp. But I do think a full camp would improve his numbers in the 2012 season.

Not wanting to participate in camp just because you don't want to is such a short-sighted view of this. This is bigger than the next three weeks.

Nick brings up another good point -- the injury factor. Indeed, players can and will be injured, which is always a concern. But we also know injuries can come anywhere, running out on the field in St. Joe or running on the treadmill at home. If Bowe is hurt working out right now, he gets nothing. If he signs his franchise tender and gets hurt, he gets $9.5 million. So I think the injury talk actually works in favor of the argument for Bowe to sign today.

At the end of the day, all that matters is production. How can Bowe be as productive as possible next season? To me, he's more likely to reach those goals by being at camp than not being at camp. That's what it comes down.

I'm not sure I would gamble with $9.5 million. Would you?

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