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Dontari Poe, Chiefs Strike A Deal


Dontari Poe WILL be in camp on time. The Kansas City Chiefs have confirmed that the Poe deal is done and he will report to training camp with the rest of the players. It's unclear if Poe will arrive tonight with the rest of the players or tomorrow morning in time for the first practice.

But, either way, the deal is done, which is so, so nice to hear after we went through all that "not close" business this week. Apparently the two sides were close enough to strike a deal.

It'll be interesting to see how Poe's deal compares to others. The money should match up well enough as a split between the No. 10 and No. 12 picks. Other negotiations have stalled with the "offset' language (the new buzzword in contract negotiations). We're not sure if that language is in there or not.

So all our fretting about Poe doesn't matter anymore. He'll be in camp and the Chiefs have completed their entire 2012 draft class.

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