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Chiefs Training Camp: Tight Ends

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Previewing the Kansas City Chiefs roster as we prepare for the 2012 training camp schedule. The tight ends...

The tight ends: Tony Moeaki, Kevin Boss, Tim Biere, Steve Maneri, Jake O'Connell

Like receivers, this group has a lot of upside but also a potential downside. Moeaki is returning from injury and Boss was signed in the offseason. Those are your two main tight ends. Biere is an undrafted free agent joining the team this offseason while Maneri and O'Connell return from last year. Maneri played some offensive tackle previously.

You can count on...More two tight end sets. It's the new thing in the NFL these days, kinda like the Wildcat a few years back. The Chiefs have hinted that they'll have more two tight end sets with Moeaki and Boss so expect to see that formation more often. It also helps in the running game to have pass catchers like Moeaki and Boss.

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The big question mark...Can Tony Moeaki stay healthy? That's a big one. Moeaki was gone last year which was pretty disappointing. He has a history of injury so it's pertinent that the Chiefs handle him the right way. Injuries are usually just freak accidents so there may not be much they can do but the success of the unit partially depends on Moeaki's health.

Random notes:

  • Moeaki was injured in the final preseason game last year (don't ask why he was even in the game at that time).
  • Boss was a Raiders cap casualty this offseason.
  • Tim Biere went to college down the road at Kansas.
  • Maneri is a former offensive tackle.
  • O'Connell was a 2009 draft pick.