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Chiefs Training Camp: Running Backs

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Previewing the Kansas City Chiefs roster as we prepare for the 2012 training camp schedule. The running backs...

The running backs: Jamaal Charles, Peyton Hillis, Shaun Draughn, Cyrus Gray, Nate Eachus, Dexter McCluster, Shane Bannon (FB), Taylor Gentry (FB)

Solid group here that will look a lot different than last year. McCluster is the only returning player who had significant time at running back last year. Charles was injured and Hillis was signed this offseason. Draughn was on the team last year but didn't contribute on the active roster. He appeared in one game. Gray is a sixth round rookie and Eachus is an undrafted free agent. I don't have a very good feel on the fullback position -- how the Chiefs will use it and where Bannon and Gentry stand.

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You can count on...Charles and Hillis splitting reps. That's the goal as far as I can tell. A KC Star report said the Chiefs wanted those two to end up having around 500 touches. I see it as them trying to replicate what they did with Charles and Thomas Jones in 2010. McCluster will be worked in, as will Gray, but the stars of this group are Charles and Hillis.

The big question...Is Charles going to be 100 percent? Physically, he's back. He'll practice on Friday if he passes his physical, which we think he will. The issue with him will be getting back 100 percent mentally, as well. It takes a little time after a knee injury to get your mind right. That will be the goal for Charles in camp -- get used to being back on the field and running and cutting at 100 percent.

Random notes:
  • Charles was hurt in Week 2 last year
  • Charles didn't participate in any of the offseason practices
  • Hillis' best year came in 2010 under Brian Daboll
  • Hillis started just 9 games last year