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Highest Praise For The KC Chiefs Yet

As we mentioned earlier today, most of the 2012 NFL power rankings have the Kansas City Chiefs in the low 20s, usually No. 21 or 22. I saw one that had them ranked at No. 14, which I thought was the highest ranking out there.

And then Gregg Rosenthal of released his power rankings.

He didn't so much as rank the teams as group them. They're put into groups, the first one dubbed "Top Shelf". You have the usual suspects there: Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens

The second tier is "Next Level". Those teams: Houston Texans, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, New Orleans Saints and....Kansas City Chiefs.

The sentence describing this group is oh so awesome after seeing the Chiefs are included: "It wouldn't be a surprise to see any of these teams in New Orleans this February."

Finally, someone around here who sees things our way.

So the Chiefs would be the equivalent of No. 9 if these were traditional power rankings. Easily the highest among the major media outlets I've seen.

(H/T vidae and wwJamaalCharlesdo).

It's Game Time.

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