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No Brian Waters At Patriots Training Camp

Checking in on an old friend of ours...

Brian Waters did not report to the New England Patriots training camp today but nobody seems to know why. It doesn't seem like he's retiring but he didn't really say anything about it when Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe asked him about it.

I'm not really talking about it, you'll have to talk to the Patriots about it," Waters said. "At this moment, I'm not really discussing the situation. Right now I'm just handling things between me and the team. If they want to talk to you, that's fine but I'm not really talking about it. You're just going to have to talk to the team. I'm allowing them to handle all the media stuff right now. We're going to do it this way, because it's the best way to do it."

Waters missed the Chiefs OTAs before, most notably in that first year under Todd Haley and Scott Pioli. I bet some around the league are wondering if Waters just wants to miss training camp. He signed with the Patriots shortly before the first week of the season and went to the Pro Bowl. So, yeah, Waters has shown he can miss camp if he wants...if that's what he's really doing. He also hinted at retirement after the season so you never know. But the above quote doesn't seem like he's planning on retiring.

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