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One Year Later: NFL Lockout Is Over

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One year ago today, Jeff Saturday and Robert Kraft embraced each other in front of dozens of microphones and cameras as the NFL owners and players announced the end of the NFL Lockout. It would take a few more days to get everything finalized but that was the moment of the lockout, or the end of it at least .

I went back through our archives to see what we were writing on this day last year. This one felt so good to write:

To those readers who have stuck with us through the NFL lockout, we thank you. To those readers who are just now coming back, welcome back.Football is back, baby. The NFL players approved the new labor agreement with the owners meaning the NFL lockout is over.

That entire day was totally nuts. I had to go back to the archives to remind myself of everything but in this day alone the lockout ended, the Chiefs training camp schedule came out, tickets went on sale, employees were reimbursed, undrafted free agents were signed, unrestricted free agents were lost and all kinds of other free agency rumors.

I rounded up a few of our stories on this day, July 25, one year ago. Pretty wild stuff. Take a step through the time machine after the jump.

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