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Kansas City Chiefs Expect Injured Players To Practice On Friday

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The Kansas City Star's Adam Teicher secured some quotes from Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli this afternoon, only a few days before training camp starts on Friday. The headliner of the report is that the Chiefs expect all those injured guys to participate in Friday's training camp session.

(Side note: Can't remember the last time I used an exclamation point here but the Chiefs start training camp on Friday!!!)

They'll still need to take physicals but, as of now, they're expecting the injured crew to be taking part in the first training camp practice on Friday. Those injured players they're expecting to practice aren't just the ACL guys like Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles, but Kendrick Lewis (shoulder) and Brandon Siler (Achilles), too.

We'll see if they're all cleared and ready to roll by Thursday when they take a physical.

Pioli also indicated that the Chiefs will be "smart" with the players, especially the injured ones. They may be deemed 100 percent healthy but it's been nearly a year since some of them have participated in a practice. It'll take time and they may need more rest here and there than others.

But, yeah, this is awesome because I've been waiting a long time to see these guys back on the field.

Check out the full story over at The Star with all the quotes, including a Dwayne Bowe and Dontari Poe non-update.