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NFL Power Rankings: Is No. 21 Fair For The KC Chiefs?

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Earlier I posted a link to SB Nation's NFL power rankings, the pre-training camp version. The Kansas City Chiefs came in at No. 21, which is fair. Check out the whole set of power rankings here.

Here's the blurb I wrote for our Chiefs:

The Chiefs' potential is much higher than their actual power ranking. This team has top 10 potential given the players returning from injury, including Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry. Assuming both come back healthy, the Chiefs have as good of a chance as anyone to win the AFC West. With Charles and Peyton Hillis running the rock, Matt Cassel won't be asked to be a hero, and the Chiefs could see a repeat of their 2010 season, which ended in a division title.

As I get more and more excited for the Chiefs 2012 season and all the weapons they have, I gotta stop and remember that this team won just seven games last year and had one of the worst offenses in the NFL. Yeah, the injuries were there but that wasn't a very good season so I think starting out this year at No. 21 makes sense.

The main point about my blurb is the potential because the Chiefs have a lot of that. Individually, their roster is better than it is as a whole, at least right now.

It's incredibly difficult to be realistic about your team at this time of year. This is when optimism is at its highest. I do think the Chiefs will be better, a lot better, but I also have to slow down sometimes and remember how they compare to the rest of the league.

The great thing about the NFL is that every team's fan base can legitimately claim they have a chance at this time of year. (Except for the Raiders. Or Browns.) The Chiefs are no exception.

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