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Jonathan Baldwin's 'Freakish Ability' Will Break Out At Some Point

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Pro Football Weekly runs these "Whispers" columns where they pass along some rumors around the league. Last year around this time they ran one of those columns with an anonymous NFL insider predicting then-Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was in his last year. It was a shocker to hear that considering Haley was coming off a divisional title but in the end PFW's anonymous insider got it right. It was Haley's last year.

PFW has another "Whispers" column today but with some positive words about the Chiefs. On Jonathan Baldwin, PFW's "NFL observer" writes:
"The immaturity was a problem in college, and I figured it would hurt him as a rookie," the observer said. "But that freakish ability is going to be a factor at some point soon, you'd have to think. He's something of a rare specimen."
The stars sure seem to be aligning that way. Baldwin had a solid offseason and ran with the first team while Dwayne Bowe was out. He seems to be working hard and seems to be doing well, primed for a good training camp. There isn't much negative to talk about with Baldwin this year.

I said last year that PFW's insider was wrong about Haley and four months later I realized I was wrong. This time around I'm gonna have to go ahead and say that they got it right on this one.