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Perfect Number For Jamaal Charles And Peyton Hillis

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All signs are pointing to the Kansas City Chiefs being one of the top rushing teams in the NFL next season. From bolstering the offensive line to the signing of Peyton Hillis, I see the Chiefs as a team that ultimately lands in the top five in rushing attempts. It's what they do best and it features their best player, Jamaal Charles.

The KC Star's Adam Teicher had an interesting observation about the tanden of Charles and Hillis. Teicher says that in the Chiefs' perfect world Charles and Hillis would have a combined 500 touches, which is about in line with what Charles and Thomas Jones had in 2010.

In that season, Jones had 245 rushing attempts and 14 receptions. Charles had 230 rushing attempts and 45 receptions. That's 534 touches between those two in the Chiefs best rushing season in recent memory.

In my perfect world I'd have at least 250 carries for Charles, but I imagine the Chiefs could take it slow with him early int the year as he returns from the ACL injury. Charles likely won't have a season like he did in 2010 with that ridiculous 6 yards per carry but he does flourish the more you give him the ball. As Josh Looney of noted the other day, Charles averages well over a yard more when he has more than 20 carries in a game than when he doesn't. He's a threat to break a big one at any moment so continue feeding him the ball until he does.

Hillis is a little trickier to figure out. He's a little younger than Jones, who seemed to taper off in that 2010 season. I'm not totally sure what to make of him but he also had a big 2010 season so if he can regain the form that allowed him to rush for nearly 1,200 yards then the Chiefs are going to be in a really good spot.

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