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Chiefs' Eric Berry Still Has 'A Little Timidness'

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Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry spent some time at his alma mater over the weekend working out with Tennessee football players. Berry, who tore his ACL in Week 1 last year, said he's nearing 100 percent healthy, which is what he's been saying for a while.

We fully expect all three players in the ACL crew -- Berry, Jamaal Charles and Tony Moeaki -- to be completely healthy when they enter training camp.

However, just because they're healthy doesn't mean they will be truly 100 percent. As Berry explained in an interview with, there's still a little timidness there.

Berry said he's "very close" to being 100 percent.

"Still a little timidness, but as far as just getting out there and running around, I feel very good," Berry said.

That will be one of the challenges for the players, perhaps one of the biggest challenges. You can be 100 percent healthy in your knee but the mental part of things will be tough. Berry will need a little time to figure out that he can run at 100 percent, make cuts at 100 percent and play normally. He's spent the last 10 months taking it easy on his knee so it will take some time for him to truly feel normal.