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Chiefs Apparently 'Came Close' To Signing Reggie Wayne

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The KC Star's Adam Teicher dropped a bit of a surprise over the weekend with this paragraph:

The Chiefs' Romeo Crennel, like most head coaches, prefers veteran players over younger ones, everything else being equal. The Chiefs attempted to sign more veteran players during the offseason. They came close to adding wide receiver Reggie Wayne before he decided to remain with the Colts.

Uh, what? That's the first I had heard of that. This would've come back around the start of free agency in March.

Even though they tried to sign him several months ago, we may be able to glean some insight into what the Chiefs are thinking with Dwayne Bowe. With Jonathan Baldwin and Steve Breaston on the roster, adding Wayne would've been a move that would be made with Bowe in mind. At least that's what I think.

The Chiefs wouldn't try to sign Wayne unless they were at least concerned about Bowe's availability for the 2012 season. Maybe this was just a leverage play for GM Scott Pioli, trying to create options for himself so he can squeeze the best possible deal out of Bowe (a deal that we now know won't be coming until next year at the earliest).

This brings up a question. If the Chiefs had been able to sign Reggie Wayne in a timely fashion, would Brandon Carr have been franchised and Bowe been allowed to walk?

The news is very interesting, whether it was four months ago or not.