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Cardinals Visit To Chiefs Training Camp Will Be A Good Barometer

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Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli sat down for an exclusive interview with Mitch Holthus over the weekend. (Is it really an "exclusive" if it's the team website conducting it?)

He had some interesting things to say about the Chiefs training camp, including the visit from the Arizona Cardinals. Pioli sees the Cards visit as a barometer to see where his own team stands.

"What I like about it personally is that it gives us an opportunity to be able to see 90 other players who play in the NFL or have a chance to play in the NFL and evaluate their team," said Pioli. "Sometimes when you stay immersed in your own situation, you only see your team and there's no barometer and there's no measuring stick.

"We'll get to find out what we are as a football team. It will be a different set of circumstances, but then we also get the chance to evaluate 90 players on their roster and see if there are players who might be able to help us. They gotta cut down to 53 as well."

I remember NFL Network's Michael Lombardi saying one time that one of the most important aspects of a GM job that some folks forget is evaluating your own team. You must know your own team better than anyone else.

The Cardinals visit will give the Chiefs to see how their roster -- especially players 54-90 -- stack up against another team. Not only that, it gives Pioli an up-close look at a huge chunk of players that will ultimately land on the open market. As he noted, the Cardinals have to get down to 53 players as well so there are 37 players the Chiefs will see in St. Joe that will soon hit the open market.