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Donald Washington's Arrest Should Make The Chiefs Decision Easy

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I was out of town over the weekend cleansing my soul in New Orleans with seven of my good friends before my wedding in October. We all had a good time, did a lot of boozing and generally caused a ruckus. But what we did not do is get behind the wheel of a car and go cruising around town while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Chiefs cornerback Donald Washington can't say the same about his weekend. Police arrested Washington for driving on a suspended license, possession of marijuana and driving under the influence.

I'm not going to act all holier-than-thou because of a little bit of pot. Plenty of people, including NFL players, smoke pot on their own time and the country is clearly on the path to some form of legalization of pot so that's not my issue.

My issue is the driving part. Not just that he drove while under the influence -- if the police report is indeed accurate -- but that he did so in a time when there was so much attention on NFL players driving under the influence.

The other issue is that Washington simply isn't good enough to be arrested right now. I know, I know. How good a player is shouldn't affect how we view an arrest but let's be honest about it. If Branden Albert or Dwayne Bowe were in a similar situation, they probably wouldn't be in danger of being cut. Washington doesn't have that luxury.

This has now sealed the deal for me when it comes to making my 53-man roster prediction later this month.

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