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Chop Talk Podcast Tonight: Pre-Training Camp Edition

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Soak in these words with me: The Kansas City Chiefs start training camp this week. Yes, this week. Rookies and veterans both report in a matter of days, which means there's actually real Chiefs news to talk about and Chop Talk is here to help you toda. We've had a great offseason so far with some incredible guests, but we're also quite excited to bring our Chiefs podcast into its first real NFL season.

Take a listen tonight as we speak with Cordell Horn (@TheFilmRoom on Twitter) who most of you should recognize as a great voice on scouting. He's been a friend of the podcast before and we're glad to bring him back again. Joining him will be hosts BJ Kissel and Matt Conner.

Check out tonight's episode by clicking here. The show begins at 7pm Central and will be abbreviated tonight for 45 minutes. We'll be back to our 90-minute mega-episodes starting next week

Also make sure to check out the official website for Chop Talk here.