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Checking In On The Ex: Todd Haley

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It's not stalking. Really. Checking in on someone you used to be close to just to see who won the break-up how they are doing? It's fine. It may, in fact, be what what the internet is for. Just don't drive by their house, because that's creepy.

Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review gives us a hand in looking in on ex-Chiefs head coach Todd Haley. Mr Robinson doesn't have an answer about Haley's ultimate success or failure with the Steelers yet, but he does a good job of laying out the framework for where that answer will begin to reveal itself.

While the Steelers generally shy away from coaches with colorful pasts, Haley has that and more, as evidenced by his well-publicized clashes with players and an abrupt departure as the Kansas City Chiefs' coach last year in which he reportedly suspected team offices and his cell phone were bugged.

Now, Haley's assimilation into the Steelers' way of life is the latest Mystery of Pittsburgh, a shadowy yet intriguing riddle that will begin to be solved when the Steelers - coming off successive 12-4 seasons - open camp Wednesday in Latrobe. It figures to be a can't-miss page turner.

From a football upbringing, through Golf, AZ success, KC implosion and a rocky start with Big Ben, the article sets the stage for the next chapter of Haley's life. A chapter where I think most of us wish him success (but not too much).

Kind of like with an ex.

How do you think Todd Haley will fare in Pittsburgh? Can he get along with Roethlisberger?

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