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NFL Supplemental Draft Prospects And Date Announced

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The NFL announced on Monday the eight players who entered the 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft and they also confirmed the date of the draft -- July 12. There were only a couple of reported names to have joined the Supplemental Draft but the league's official list has eight players, so we could be seeing some action this year.

The list of players is below. Let us know if there are any ones to keep an eye on for the Chiefs.

  • Boise State DB Quaylon Ewing
  • Baylor WR Josh Gordon
  • Syracuse RB Adam Harris
  • Iowa State T Adrian Haughton
  • Carson-Newman LB Larry Lumpkin
  • Georgia DE Montez Robinson
  • McMurray WR Houston Tuminello
  • TCU RB Ed Wesley
The Supplemental Draft is different from the regular draft in that not every team will be making a pick. It's like a blind auction. Each team can submit to the league on draft day what round they would take one of the players in. If they are the highest pick offered for that player, they receive the rights to the player and lose the corresponding pick in the 2013 NFL draft.