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Two Views On Chiefs' Dontari Poe

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If you don't know him, Greg Cosell is one of the best NFL writers/bloggers/analysts/whatever out there. He's the executive producer at NFL Films and watches a boatload of tape so his opinion is highly respected.

On a podcast with Doug Farrar of Yahoo! Sports, Cosell summed up perfectly, in my opinion, the two different views on Dontari Poe.

"One's evaluation of Poe is dependent on one's world view. If you believe that production is the most important thing when you evaluate a player, then he may not be your guy. Because he may not make a lot of individual plays. But if you look at attributes for the position -- movement skills, athleticism, quickness of feet for a man that size -- then you look at this kid and you go, 'Wow -- that's pretty good.' This kid has everything you look for. That's why, leading up to the draft, he was all over the board."

I don't have much else to add. Just thought this was a great way of explaining the two different camps on Poe.

The link above includes the podcast, which is pretty good.