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Eric Berry's In 'Phenomenal Shape', According To Cris Carter

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Cris Carter has proven himself to be a Dwayne Bowe fan over the last few years. Now he's showing he's an Eric Berry fan, too.

Carter was on ESPN's AFC West special last night and had this to say about Berry:

"When they get off the bus now they are a better football team. I believe Romeo Crennel, he will get the best out of them. Eric Berry, I saw him work out this offseason, he's in phenomenal shape. He's a freak athlete. He's one of the rare safeties that can play in the box and he can also guard any tight end in the league one-on-one. The reason you throw the ball to tight ends now, because there's not a lot of safeties out there now like Eric Berry."

Love those quotes and that the Chiefs are actually ahead of the curve with this two tight-end popularity.

We're all hoping Berry comes back fully healthy but we won't know for sure until the season starts and he's asked to play an entire game, full contact. That's not something he'll be doing a whole lot even during training camp.