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'I Would Be Pretty Surprised To See Dwayne Bowe Back In KC After 2012'

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There are a few stories up today about Dwayne Bowe's future with the Kansas City Chiefs. I've given my take on the situation -- basically that we don't know what will happen but by not locking Bowe up the Chiefs have fewer options after the 2012 season. At this point, the best options are signing Bowe to a longterm deal next year or placing the franchise tag on him again.

Others have weighed in on the Bowe situation with a couple of notable stories.

Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star has a story up that's a little more nuanced, explaining the issues from both sides. His main point -- that we should've seen this coming based on who was involved -- is a good one. I'd encourage you to check it out for a pretty good summary of each side's issues.

Jason La Canfora of writes he would be "pretty surprised to see Dwayne Bowe back in Kansas City after 2012." Bowe's camp and the Chiefs "never bridged a considerable gap". If there's a big gap now, what's going to happen if Bowe has another big year in 2012? That gap's not getting any smaller.

I'll stick to my thinking that Bowe is a Chief in 2013, whether that's via a longterm deal or the use of the franchise tag a second time, but I'm beginning to notice that not many people share my opinion.