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With Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs Could Prefer Renting Over Buying

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The 'ol rent vs. buy argument. Ms. Primetime and I went through this, renting in Prairie Village before purchasing our house in Brookside (which then led to me being named The Baron Of Brookside). There are certainly pros and cons to both.

NFL Network's Michael Lombardi went on 810 WHB's Border Patrol on Monday talking about Dwayne Bowe, the Kansas City Chiefs and the franchise tag. Basically, he thinks the Chiefs are content with renting rather than buying.
"I think some teams just want one year deals on players," Lombardi told Nate Bukaty. "It doesn't really tighten you down. What people don't understand about the cap in upcoming years is that it's not going up. It's going to stay pretty much flat this year and next year and perhaps even the year after.

"So when you enter into a longterm deal," Lombardi continues, "you have built-in raises and built-in escalators within the contract and sometimes you're just better off renting the player for the year and see where you go in terms of your team and where it fits before you enter into the longterm and that's really where I think the Chiefs are at this point."

Doing a longterm deal with Bowe would probably reduce his approximately $9.5 million cap hit this year but down the road it could be an issue, especially if the cap isn't rising.

"I think it's the right thing," Lombardi continued. "One of the situations you get into, you realize the guy is a good player and your team is better with him on it, but it's hard to do a contract with exactly where you're going to pay him. I think clearly they're doing the right thing. I think you have to kind of take every year...after you've had the year the Chiefs have had it's tough to start rewarding players for excellence when you haven't won any games. I think the best thing is you give him the franchise, you go on and see what the team does."

Which then leaves open the possibility of tagging him -- and not someone else -- next year.