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Here Come The NFL Power Rankings For Chiefs

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What's an appropriate ranking for the Kansas City Chiefs before the season? We're starting to see some power rankings coming out from various media outlets and the early results say around No. 20 or 21 are appropriate spots for the Chiefs.

Peter Schrager of ranks them 20th. The Pro Football Talk crew has them at No. 21.

Seems fair for a 7-9 team but doesn't seem fair for the Chiefs. Does that make sense?

I'll explain...

Putting a team that won seven games last year at No. 21 on a power ranking list makes sense. The Raiders and Seahawks are right behind the Chiefs and the Titans and Bills are right ahead of them. Seems to fit based on the basics, like stats and records.

But we're homers around here so of course I also think the Chiefs ranking is too low. I can see the potential with this team, rose-colored glasses or not. It's hard sometimes to read what others are writing about your team because they're not as emotionally invested as you are.

For example, I see Tamba Hali and Justin Houston and imagine the Chiefs turning into an elite defense with two premier edge rushers. Others look at those two and note Tamba's an established star while Houston has done nothing but a few sacks in his rookie year.

I see Tony Moeaki, Eric Berry and Jamaal Charles and imagine the best case scenario, that all come back 100 percent healthy. Others look at it and play the odds, assuming one or multiple players don't come back fully healthy.

I see a new starter like Rodney Hudson and assume he'll be better than just good because I saw with my own eyes last year how developed he really was as a player. Others look at him and see a guy who has exactly zero starts at center.

I see a cornerback in Stanford Routt who plays well against man defense and just needs to be coached up a little to avoid silly penalties. Others see the former Raider who is penalized like a Raider.

And I see a new head coach who the players love playing for, a coach who had the team playing its best ball at the end of last season. Others see the head coach that went 24-40 in Cleveland.

There are a million different ways to look at these things. The key is balancing our homerism with our knowledge of the team. Just because we're fans and they're media doesn't mean we don't know what we're talking about. As a fan and a media dude, I can assure you both sides are just guessing at this point.

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