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Forbes Values Chiefs At Just A Hair Under $1 Billion

Forbes does those annual value rankings trying to put a number value on every professional team's worth. They have a list out of the most valuable franchises and the Kansas City Chiefs come in at No. 28.

The value, Forbes says, is $986 million.

I used to think these Forbes lists were pretty darn close to the real thing until I saw their ranking of the highest paid coaches in sports earlier this year. They have Bill Belichick at $7.5 million annually, but also write this:

While the Patriots have never publicly disclosed Belichick's salary, no pundit we spoke to doubted it was north of $7 million - what the Seattle Seahawks were paying Mike Holmgren - when the club extended is contract in 2007.

No one denied it so it must be true!

So it's notable that Forbes says the Chiefs are worth just under a billion bucks but, really, we don't have a very good idea.

Manchester United tops the list at $2.23 billion while the Cowboys, tied with the Yankees, are the first NFL team on the list and third overall at $1.85 billion.

(H/T NJ Chiefs Fan)

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