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Chiefs Consider Moving To The iPad

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The technology wave will soon be hitting the Kansas City Chiefs. (That sounds like a line written in 1999, I know.) The Chiefs are one of a number of teams across the league considering the possibility of putting their playbooks and film study on iPads.

Jeff Darlington of conducted a league-wide survey on teams putting their playbooks and film on iPads and the Chiefs are a team that's said to have "strongly considered" making the move.

It has been "strongly considered" by the Kansas City Chiefs for institutional use. In the meantime, they're still working toward investing in an app to allow players to watch video on personal iPads.

I'm the owner of an iPad 1 and an iPad 3 so, yes, I think this is a great idea. Moving away from six-inch thick playbooks to a device that's extremely thin. There are things to be figured out, namely security issues, but several teams have already made the transition.

One estimate in the article said they could see very team making the transition by the end of the 2013 season.

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