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Kansas City Chiefs Have Plenty Of Salary Cap Space

As usual, the Kansas City Chiefs are near the top of the league in salary cap space. According to a new report from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the Chiefs are currently sitting on $16.54 million in salary cap space, which puts them fourth in the NFL in cap space.

Sitting above the Chiefs is the Cleveland Browns, who have $17.77 million in space, the Tennessee Titans, who have $19.97 million in salary cap space and the leader in the NFL is the Jacksonville Jaguars, who have $25.11 million in salary cap space.

The Chiefs money includes Dwayne Bowe's $9.5 million franchise tender that he has yet to sign. A longterm deal there would actually lower Bowe's cap number, meaning even more salary cap space, but it doesn't appear a deal between Bowe and the Chiefs is imminent.

It's nice to have some money available during the season as the Chiefs learned a few years ago with Chris Chambers, who was a little pricey coming off the waiver wire in 2009 but ended up being the team's best receiver in just half a season of play.

You never know what will happen during the season but the Chiefs have plenty of space.

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