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Talks Between Dwayne Bowe, Chiefs 'Have Gone Nowhere'

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So will Dwayne Bowe and the Kansas City Chiefs agree to a longterm contract before Monday's deadline?

According to a report from Jason La Canfora of, it sure seems unlikely that will happen.

Talks with the Chiefs and receiver Dwayne Bowe have gone nowhere, really, according to sources, and there doesn't appear to be much impetus to securing a longer deal now.

So, that sucks.

We've heard barely anything about Bowe's status with the Chiefs. Neither side seems to be interested in leaking any information, which I took as a good sign. But apparently there hasn't been anything leaked because there aren't many talks going on.

If you're a big picture person then Monday's deadline will make you a little worried. But in the little picture -- as in the 2012 season -- there shouldn't be a whole lot to worry about considering Bowe confirmed to me earlier this year he plans to show up by training camp.