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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 7/13

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Good morning, and happy Friday! Not a bad day for Kansas City Chiefs news when you consider we are in the dog days of the offseason. Enjoy!

Those are the numbers that allow Weis to lightheartedly assume that Chiefs fans still have fond feelings of his short tenure in Kansas City. Those are the numbers that give him the confidence to slip in a sly reference toward what took place behind closed doors that season.

"When (the fans) read through the lines," Weis says, "they can figure out the whole year that I was there. They can figure it (from) the beginning, to right through the end. They can kind of read through everything there. But I really enjoyed my experience, my one year with the Chiefs."

Now That He's Settled In Lawrence, Weis Reflects On Time With Chiefs from KC Star

The late Frank Gansz, who served as Kansas City's head coach from 1987-88, was SMU's special teams coach at the time. It was Gansz who gave Szymanski a promise no other school could offer.

"He told me he wanted me to handle all the kicking duties," Szymanski recalled. "The chance to punt, as well as handle kickoffs and field goals was really the selling point."

Former Chiefs Head Coach Frank Gansz Had Lasting Impact On Kicker Matt Szymanski from The Mothership Video: Chiefs Live! 7-12-12

As Beyond The Bets takes a closer look at the 2012 NFL season coming up, it came up with three futures bets that might prove intriguing for interested parties to consider. One of those is the fact that the Kansas City Chiefs are listed behind the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers as division favorites, which means someone wagering on the Chiefs to win the AFC West could come out well financially.

Kansas City Chiefs Make Interesting Futures Bet For AFC West Champs from SBN KC

Scott, you have proven to have a keen ability to be frugal, but spend at the right moments. You paid big bucks for Cassel. You locked up Tamba and Derrick Johnson.

There's just one thing left to do to make sure what you've built - with care, amidst criticism, and with lots of research and plain old hard work. And that is to not make the Gonzalez mistake again with Dwayne Bowe. So Scott, please sign the man to a long-term deal.

My Letter To Scott Pioli from Arrowhead Addict

The Chiefs are in great shape, cap-wise, so there is no urgency to clear space this summer. One player that might be under the gun for a restructure is left guard Ryan Lilja. The 31-year-old is entering the final year of his contract and could be pushed for a starting job by 2012 second-round pick Jeff Allen, a tackle at Illinois who is expected to move inside at the NFL level. Allen was regarded as a "day one" starter by the NFL Network's Mike Mayock and with Jon Asamoah locked in on the right side of Rodney Hudson, Lilja's spot could be up for grabs.

Ryan Lilja To Be Pushed Out By Chiefs Rookie Jeff Allen? from

Growing up in Kansas City as a Chiefs fan during their great run from 1966-70 and their Super Bowl IV victory over Minnesota at the end of the 1969 season, football was very affordable. I still have a ticket stub from a regular season game played November 13, 1966 between the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs, with the ticket costing just $6. Now ticket prices for decent seats at an NFL game start at $100 each.

When I worked in pro basketball in the mid-80s, the NBA marketing types were jealous of the NFL's schedule, which allowed them an entire week to promote, advertise and to sell tickets to their home games. It was said in those days that the Chiefs could play in front of zero fans for their home games and still make money due to lower player salaries and larger television income.

Nado Natterings from The Coronado Eagle & Journal

Next month Mr. Sas will be inducted into the Miniature Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame, said Lynn Schmidt, a board member of the hobbyist group. Mr. Schmidt (who is familiar to many football fans as Weird Wolf for leading cheers in the stands at Kansas City Chiefs games) said the association, based in Parkville, Mo., has about 300 core members who are devoted to playing electric football. Many now make their own vibrating fields and customized figures, which they say move more reliably than the old ones.

Norman Sas, 87, Inventor Of Electric Football from The New York Times

Bowe was a touchdown machine in 2010 as his team's only weapon. Branch is a dominant safety in run support. Goldson's a ball hawk and a Pro Bowler. And Spencer ... OK, I'm not totally sure what the Cowboys were thinking when they franchised Spencer.

Of course, they also have their respective warts. Avril plays alongside an elite defensive line that makes his job easy. Bowe is erratic, and his one notable stretch of performance came against incredibly easy competition, just as it did for Braylon Edwards years before him.

The Past And Present Of The Dreaded Franchise Tag from Grantland

Tickets to the 11th edition of the Fall Classic between Northwest Missouri State University and Pittsburg State University will go on sale to the general public on Friday, July 13 at 10 a.m. The 2012 version of the NCAA Division II rivalry is slated for 2 p.m. on Saturday, Oct.13 at Arrowhead.

Fall Classic Tickets To Go On Sale July 13th from The Mothership