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We Have A Supplemental Draft Pick (But Not By The Chiefs)

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The 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft order has the Kansas City Chiefs picking 16th but they did not win the rights to the big prize in this year's July draft. The Cleveland Browns, picking second in each round of the Supplemental Draft, used a second round pick to nab Josh Gordon.

Gordon was the big name in this year's Supplemental Draft, which should tell you about the talent in that draft. Gordon last played for Baylor in 2010, when he had over 700 yards receiving but after a marijuana arrested he transferred to Utah, where he sat out last season. Rather than waiting another year to play, Gordon decided to go ahead and enter the Supplemental Draft which, now that we know where he went, seems like a wise decision.

Gordon's an intriguing prospect but I'd kinda prefer the Chiefs focus on that unsigned receiver that they have. Plus, I'd rather have that 2013 second round pick than use it up on Gordon today.

The Supplemental Draft is still going on...we'll let you know if any others are picked.