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NFL Supplemental Draft Start Time And Prospects

Josh Gordon NCAA Football: Kansas State at Baylor © Brett Davis | 23 Oct 2010
Josh Gordon NCAA Football: Kansas State at Baylor © Brett Davis | 23 Oct 2010

The 2012 NFL Supplemental Draft takes place today via email at 12:00 p.m. (Arrowhead Time). There are eight candidates for this year's summer draft. Those candidates are: Boise State DB Quaylon Ewing, Syracuse FB Adam Harris, Iowa State OT Adrian Haughton, Carson-Newman LB Larry Lumpkin, Georgia DE Montez Robinson, McMurray WR Houston Tuminello, Baylor WR Josh Gordon and TCU RB Ed Wesley.

The prize in this group is Gordon, who could go as high as the second or third round. He's a receiver coming out of Baylor who didn't play last season.

The Chiefs have been linked to at least two of these players -- Gordon and Lumpkin.

They attended Gordon's pro day in Houston earlier this week and did make a call to Lumpkin's camp. In reality, they've probably touched base with the agents or reps of all these players.

Mocking The Draft has a great write-up on all the rules involved in the Supplemental Draft but it's basically like a silent auction. Teams that want to place a bid on a player will and whoever has the highest bid (read: draft pick) wins the rights to the player but forfeits the corresponding draft pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

So if the Chiefs wanted to use a second round pick on Gordon, they could, but they'd lose their 2013 second round pick. GM Scott Pioli loooves draft picks, as most GMs do, so I'm not predicting the Chiefs will be active in today's Supplemental Draft.

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