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KC Chiefs Put Out A Call For Artists

Tamba Hali Posterized | Chris Sembower | @ChrisSembower
Tamba Hali Posterized | Chris Sembower | @ChrisSembower

The Kansas City Chiefs have put out a call for artists as they attempt to create a "world-class collection of artwork" to display in Arrowhead Stadium. The call for artists is for those in the region, including Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Oklahoma.

Basically, the Chiefs want a bunch of cool artwork from local people to display in the stadium. That's a pretty good idea. Sharron Hunt Munson (from the Hunt family) is quoted in the release:

"Our family is excited to begin this art program at Arrowhead Stadium to commemorate the Chiefs first 50 years in Kansas City," Sharron Hunt Munson said. "Arrowhead is not only a great venue for football, but is also an iconic entertainment destination in the Midwest. We are looking forward to working with local and regional artists to display artwork at Arrowhead that celebrates the Midwestern culture that the Chiefs and our family have been proud to be a part of for the last five decades."

Gee, AP readers, do we know anyone who fits this description? There was a guy around here a while back, can't remember his name, but he did some pretty cool stuff.

Of course we're talking about Chris Sembower. Drop a link to your favorite Posterized in the comments.

Full press release is posted after the jump.

Site: In 2010 the Kansas City Chiefs completed the renovation and expansion of Arrowhead Stadium. Now we would like to fill it with the best possible work by artists from our region, setting a new standard for sports and entertainment venues worldwide.

Areas Where Art is to be Placed: Scout Investments Club Level, other Club areas, reception areas, corridors, and other interior locations, along with select exterior locations. Some interior walls are quite large, measuring up to 10' x 20'; others are modest in size. Some locations will be addressed simply by selecting pre-existing works; others will be addressed via site-specific commissions.

Restrictions: The only restriction is that all work must be original, including works on paper. There are no restrictions regarding size, theme or method and artists are encouraged to submit pieces surrounding regional and cultural themes beyond the scope of sports and entertainment.

Submission Restrictions: The Call is open to artists throughout the Midwest with specific emphasis on Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Submitting artists must be accomplished in their body of work, must have participated in at least one juried show, and have exhibited with at least one gallery. Submissions will be reviewed by a qualified art committee.

Site Specific Commissions: From the group of submissions, various artists will be nominated for site-specific commissions on the basis of their experience and qualifications.

Submitting: Please submit the following, using a presentation folder for all submissions.

  • 10 images via CD ROM.
  • Annotated list indicating title, price, dimensions, and medium of each work,
  • Resume and/or bio.
  • Three career-related references.
  • Relevant support materials.
  • Materials will only be returned if a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided.

Submission Address:

Kansas City Chiefs Art Program

One Arrowhead Drive

Kansas City, MO 64129

Deadline: All submissions must be postmarked by September 8, 2012.

Information Online: To download a PDF of this document, please go to

Vision: The purpose of this project is to help build regional culture, provide opportunities for qualified artists, and showcase world-class work by the artists of our region.

Comments/Questions: All questions should be submitted in writing to:

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