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We Can't Get The National Anthem Right In Kansas City

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There's something about the national anthem that we just can't get right in Kansas City.

First, it was the Eli Young Band with their screw-up of the national anthem last year. That was pretty bad, but they apologized.

Second, it was Chiefs fans saying "...home of the Chiefs!" at places other than Arrowhead, like Allen Fieldhouse (which KU fans do not like) or Kauffman Stadium, which we heard last night.

And now we have another national anthem news item. Apparently, Luke Bryan, who sang the national anthem last night, checked lyrics while playing.

The country singer admits that he did check the lyrics he had written on his hand while he sang the national anthem on Tuesday night. He also checked his watch.

This only sorta qualifies as news but it's July and we're out of Caption This photos.