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Vote Derrick Johnson Into SB Nation's College Football Hall Of Fame

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Like Derrick Thomas, Kansas City Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson is a candidate for SB Nation's College Football Hall of Fame. Except DJ may not sweep the field quite like DT did. Here's where you can vote for DJ.

The candidates at linebacker are DJ (Texas), Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern), Darryl Talley (West Virginia) and Patrick Willis (Mississippi). Here's the snippet on DJ:

Finished tops in Texas history with 69 tackles for loss. Twice a first-team All-American. Won 2004 Bednarik, Nagurski and Butkus awards.

I remember that draft well. A buddy of mine called around the 10th pick and said, "Do you see what's happening? Derrick Johnson could be dropping to us." Indeed he did at No. 15.

Willis is dominating the vote right now. Can we change that, please? Go HERE to vote for DJ.