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Like Chiefs, Cowboys Have Their Own Wes Welker

In the fourth round of the 2012 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs picked up Devon Wylie, a smaller receiver out of Fresno State. He's also short and white, which means he's compared to Wes Welker (and even wore No. 83, Welker's number, for a short period of time). Wylie has been a pro about the Welker comparisons. When asked, he's usually brushed it aside and generally avoided comparing himself to a guy who often leads the league in receptions.

The Dallas Cowboys also have a short white receiver, an undrafted free agent named Cole Beasley (5'8", 182 pounds). He, like Wylie, often receives Welker comparisons. But, unlike Wylie, he's apparently not so shy about letting folks know what he does better than Welker.

"I get tired of it a little bit because I feel like I have a little bit more speed than Wes Welker does," Beasley said Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan's RAGE radio show. "He's got a little bigger frame than me but I feel like I've got a little more versatility to my game than he does."

Beasley later added: "I do have similarities with him but I feel like I can play a little bit more outside [than him], as well as inside."

This reminds of a story from way back when. A legend, really, because I can't confirm its accuracy. But I played in the 3&2 Baseball league in Kansas City when I was a kid, the same league that David Cone played in years and years ago. Cone played for (I believe) EM and the story goes that he was actually cut from the team one year. He allegedly told the manager back then: "You can't cut me. I'm too good." Beasley would probably approve of that statement.

Other differences between the two:

  • Welker is a four-time Pro Bowler; Beasley has no Pro Bowls
  • Welker is a four-time All-Pro; Beasley has never been an All-Pro
  • Welker has been selected to the Pro Bowl or All-Pro team in every season of his Patriots career; again, Beasley has no Pro Bowls or All-Pro teams
  • Welker has led the NFL in receptions in three of the last six years; Beasley has never led the NFL in receptions
  • Welker is a two-time AFC Champion, appearing in two Super Bowls; Beasley has appeared in no Super Bowls
  • Welker is engaged to a model, Anna Burns; Beasley could be engaged to a model, but I don't know that for sure

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