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Saints Taking Same Approach As Cardinals After HOF Game

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The Arizona Cardinals are playing in the Hall of Fame game this year, which is a week earlier than the rest of the preseason games. Because of that weird schedule, the Cardinals are heading straight from that game in Ohio to Kansas City, where they'll spend a few days practicing with the Chiefs up in St. Joe.

The Cardinals are playing the New Orleans Saints in that Hall of Fame game on Aug. 5 and they're taking the same approach with their travel schedule. The Saints announced on Tuesday that they'll travel straight from the Hall of Fame game to Foxborough, where they'll practice with the New England Patriots for a few days.

The Saints and Patriots will be practicing together on Aug. 7 and 8, same as the Chiefs and Cardinals in St. Joe. The Saints and Patriots play their preseason game in New England on Aug. 9 while the Chiefs and Cardinals play at Arrowhead on Aug. 10.

Would've been kinda interesting to see the Saints come to Arrowhead. Or the Patriots for that matter. I hope the Chiefs can schedule a joint workout every year, which they haven't done in the past.