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Highlights Of Matt Cassel At The Celebrity Softball Game

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Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel was among a number of celebrities and athletes playing in the 2012 Legends and Celebrity Softball Game during MLB All-Star game week. The game took place over the weekend but ESPN just aired it on TV last night where we got to see Cassel take some cuts at the plate.

We all know about Cassel getting booed at the game, which is up there for the most July controversy ever. They didn't show that part on TV last night so I still haven't heard the booing for myself but, still, the point remains: one of the dumber Chiefs controversies in recent memory. We may need a poll to figure out which controversy is dumber -- booing Cassel or booing Robinson Cano. Moving on...

What we do have today is a couple of Cassel highlights from the game.

After the jump, we have a short clip of Cassel promoting the game during a commercial break, highlighted by mentioning two-sport star Bo Jackson and we also have a .GIF of him trying to stop a hard hit ball down the hot corner, lowlighted by him, um, flubbing the ball. Gotta make that play if you're gonna make it in the big leagues, kid.

Matt Cassel's error on third base:


Notice he mentions Bo Knows there. Cassel, for his part, is actually a baseball guy, having played when he was younger. He also has a couple of brothers who play.