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The Importance Of Tony Moeaki For The KC Chiefs

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Is it the ACL trio or the ACL duo?

When I was on 610 Sports yesterday, Danny Parkins suggested that we were perhaps making too much out of Tony Moeaki's return, one of three players who tore their ACL last year.

I quickly disagreed with that one, as did, who is hyping up Moeaki.

But make no mistake: Moeaki has the highest ceiling and will be the tight end the Chiefs count on to make the leap to a Pro Bowl-level this season. When you factor in Boss, the return of Charles andDwayne Bowe on the outside, everything is in place for Moeaki to give defenses fits in the middle of the field.

Pro Bowl may be pushing it but I'm excited about Moeaki this year because of how the Chiefs will use two tight end sets. We're expecting them to be one of the top rushing teams in the NFL which sets the stage for defenses to converge on the Chiefs two tight end sets to prepare for the run. If the Chiefs have someone like Moeaki and Kevin Boss to become a threat in the middle of the field then I think they can take advantage of defenses quite often.

Moeaki had 47 receptions in his rookie year and you would think his development would continue, despite the ACL tear. Another season like that and he would be the second or third most productive receiver on the field next season.

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